There are emerging demands on integrating various techniques, tools, and platforms to enhance and accommodate social intelligence to solve various social issues, such as increasing/decreasing of populations, which often requires consensus building among people having conflicting preferences. Although huge efforts have been done on AI-based heuristic approaches to solve various kind of social problems, better utilization of reasoning techniques is the key to make reasonable and agreeable decisions and actions to solve such issues since it has an ability to better explain what and why of those decisions are made as well as managing the processes of them. The organizers also believe that, providing well-designed platforms and tools to construct such applications will be crucial.

This Workshop welcomes researchers as well as practitioners from the fields of AI-based applications and platforms as well as related fields in AI, agents, and semantic technologies (e.g., mechanism design, social choice, and other agent-based technologies such as automated negotiation among intelligent software, applications to robotics and human-robot interactions, reasoning on logics and ontological descriptions, intelligent access to open data, and other related fields). This workshop aims to promote state-of-the-art techniques and platforms to the attendees and give them a good opportunity to emerge future collaborations.


Potential topics of interests are following:

  • collective reasoning and collective intelligence
  • social and large scale consensus support
  • open government data platforms and tools
  • civic tech applications
  • ontology-based reasoning platforms
  • negotiation and consensus building technologies
  • applications of ontology and reasoning for social issues
  • computer-supported cooperative work
  • tools and techniques for efficient and easier open data access with inferences
  • applications and platforms for social consensus buildings and human-robot interactions

Organizing committee / Contact person:

  • Prof. Dr. Naoki Fukuta, Shizuoka University, Japan, fukuta [at]
  • Dr.Takeshi Morita, Keio University, Japan, t_morita [at]

For details about submission guidelines, see the submission page.